Best .NET Posts This Week: 14th February 2021

Best .NET Posts This Week: 14th February 2021

Here are some of the best .NET, C# and ASP NET posts from this week.

This Weeks Articles

Machine Learning with ML.NET

By Nikola Zivkovic

In the previous article, we started exploring some of the basic machine learning algorithms and learned how to use ML.NET. There we covered Linear Regression, its variations and we implemented it from scratch with C#. In this article, we focus on the classification algorithm or to be more precise, the algorithms that are used primarily for classification problems. Note that we will not cover all the classification algorithms, for example, SVM and Decisions Trees, because these algorithms can be used for regression as well, so they will get separated articles just for them.

Using JS Object References in Blazor WASM to wrap JS libraries

By Kristoffer Strube

With .NET 5 Blazor WebAssembly also got a lot of great improvements. Among these are IJSObjectReferences (JavaScript Object References). These often get referenced in the changelogs and articles as JavaScript Isolation. The name indicates that this can only be used to isolate JavaScript sources similar to CSS Isolation. But IJSObjectReference can do so much more than just isolation. In this article, we will show what IJSObjectReference is and how it can be used. This article is part of our Blazor JS Wrapping series.

Security: The Principle of Least Privilege (POLP)

By Andreas Wolter

The first security principle that I am going to discuss is one that most System Administrators are familiar with: the “principle of least privilege” (short: POLP). It demands that the required permissions for a task shall only grant access to the needed information or resources that a task requires. When permissions are granted, we shall grant the least privileges possible. POLP is so crucial because initially it is the privileges that any attacker is targeting.

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