Best .NET Posts This Week: 29th November 2020

Best .NET Posts This Week: 29th November 2020

Nov 29, 2020ยท

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Here are some of the best .NET, C# and ASP.NET posts from this week.

Astonishing Performance of .NET 5: More Data

The same day .NET 5 was released I shared a single screenshot showing how much faster .NET 5 is relatively to .NET Core 3.1. I promised to share more data later โ€” and here it is.

By Alex Yakunin

Monitoring .NET scheduled tasks - Tools and alternatives

There's a lot of possibilities when it comes to developing scheduled tasks with .NET. This post is a guide to monitoring scheduled tasks in a range of different setups and frameworks. Most developers have some form of error logging in place but often forget about the most important thing when monitoring scheduled tasks. Stay tuned to learn more.

By Thomas Ardal

Improving your ASP.NET Core site's e-mailing capabilities

Many websites depend heavily on e-mail: they send account confirmation e-mails, password reset e-mails, order confirmations, back-in-stock notifications and much more. Despite its importance, I often see that sending e-mail is an overlooked area when writing well maintainable and stable code. It's also often overlooked when monitoring sites and lots of code I have seen just assumes the mail server is up and running. But problems will occur; mail servers will go down, passwords do expire or get changed without updating the web site and more.

By Imar Spaanjaars

Efficiently manage your YAML pipelines in Azure DevOps with reusable templates

The new (not so new) Azure DevOps's YAML pipelines are fantastic but can become quite complicated. It's especially true if you have many little projects or microservices in the same git repository that you want to build and deploy independently.

By Miguel Bernard

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